4th of July Wedding!

I know, I know…it’s January! But, I have a ton of July brides contacting me right now and I’ve been thinking about this Colorful ~ Shoreline ~ Bohemian wedding at Madison Beach Hotel. (where I am a preferred florist)

Megan and Mike were not only one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever worked with, they were the LUCKIEST!  I know what you’re thinking, because they got to work with me, right?  HAHA….NOPE!  It was because there was a crazy storm the night the Madison CT fireworks were scheduled for and had gotten rescheduled…TWICE…for July 6th…Megan and Mike’s wedding night!!!! Talk about the best seat in the house as the fireworks let off from a barge in Long Island Sound right outside the Hotel.

View More: http://powerstationevents.pass.us/megan-mike-wedding

View More: http://powerstationevents.pass.us/megan-mike-wedding

View More: http://powerstationevents.pass.us/megan-mike-wedding

View More: http://powerstationevents.pass.us/megan-mike-wedding

View More: http://powerstationevents.pass.us/megan-mike-wedding

View More: http://powerstationevents.pass.us/megan-mike-wedding

View More: http://powerstationevents.pass.us/megan-mike-wedding

View More: http://powerstationevents.pass.us/megan-mike-wedding

View More: http://powerstationevents.pass.us/megan-mike-wedding

View More: http://powerstationevents.pass.us/megan-mike-wedding

Bohemian Preppiness at the Shore

Merrin and Gabe came to me with some GREAT ideas but needed my experience and talent to bring it all to life! I’ve recently created another division of my Floral Design Experience called ‘Design Coordination’ which you can read more about HERE, which allows you to be able to sit back and relax and let me execute the vision above and beyond the flowers.  This level of planning works great when my clients have extremely busy schedules or are from out of state…or in Merrin and Gabe’s case out of the country and living in London! Merrin wanted a Bohemian flair on the tables and the underlying theme was Ikat patterns on her fabric and paper, so, with the help of my mother (where my creative genes come from) we not only found some great eclectic fabrics to incorporate into her decor but we took it up a notch and hand made the guest Table Top Linens, as well as Merrin and Gabe’s chair covers, along with runners for the seating card table and toppers for the cocktail tables. When I saw her invitations and menus I was astounded that the fabrics I chose for her tables were the exact pattern she chose for her paper! It all came together elegantly with pops of Hot Pink and Gold with accents of driftwood, succulents and mercury glass.  This wedding was a TRUE partnership…so much so that I just received an email from Merrin stating that I have inspired her to make a career change to become an Interior Designer!  If that’s not flattering, I don’t know what is!



MerrinGabe14W_0043 copy


MerrinGabe14W_0071 copy

MerrinGabe14W_0247 copy

MerrinGabe14W_0710 copy

MerrinGabe14W_0838 copy

We chose 3 different Bohemian patterns for her table toppers…..

MerrinGabe14W_0841 copy

MerrinGabe14W_0864 copy

MerrinGabe14W_0875 copy

Guests signed the oars! Such a fun idea for a seashore wedding

MerrinGabe14W_0884 copy

Cocktail Hour Decor

MerrinGabe14W_0890 copy

MerrinGabe14W_1033 copy

MerrinGabe14W_1575 copy

MerrinGabe14W_1991 copy

We made the Bride and Groom’s Table more special with a larger hand made topper, pink underlay and hand made chair covers!

MerrinGabe14W_1996 copy

MerrinGabe14W_2978 copy

HUGE thanks to:

Christine at Piece of Cake Weddings for introducing me to Merrin and Gabe

Eric at be creative Photography for taking such fabulous pictures.  You wouldn’t have known by looking that there were torrential downpours all day.

Maggie at The Wee Burn Beach Club of Darien for being so fantastic with my team and I and on point with their inclement weather plan

Ashley at A Little Something White Bridal Couture for Merrin’s incredible dress

make up: kathleen richards  |  hair: rick garcia salon |  music: ceremony, string serenade  cocktail hour, vinnie ferrone  reception, crispin cloe from cracked ice

Merrin and Gabe’s Testimonial:

“I cannot say enough about Candi… I had an idea of what I wanted when we first spoke, but if you could have shown me what the final product was that day, I wouldn’t have believed it could be so beautiful. Candi took my idea- that could’ve been too casual and come out terrible- and made the tablescapes chic and elegant- the room was STUNNING. I cried when I saw it- I was literally more worked up about how beautiful the room was then my dress. The flowers were just as beautiful- all the bridesmaids loved their bouquets and I couldn’t have been happier with mine! Her mom did an amazing job making all the linens- I am excited I will have them for the rest of my life!!!! Both Candi and her mom have an amazing ability to understand what you want and to elevate it. I am sure that if you aren’t totally sure what you want they would be able to work with you and come up with a beautiful room. They are amazing partners and I wish every bride could be as lucky as I was to work with them. I literally cannot say enough good things about them. Your wedding will be beautiful and fun to design with Candi!”


Norwalk Maritime Aquarium Gala

I was so excited when The Aquarium asked me to create designs for their Silver Anniversary that was themed ” Cirque De La Mer – Argentum!”  The color story was black, silver and purple and the theme to be Futuristic and Circus-like.  For anyone who knows me as an artist knows that this is my kind a event!  Of course, this was their annual gala to celebrate their anniversary as well as to raise money for the aquarium…so budget was a big part of the creations.  In order to design centerpieces that would be true to the theme/color story and to the level of design that both myself and the aquarium are accustomed to, I had to get very creative for all 40 tables!!!!   One of things that helped with costs were hand making all of the silver spheres….I can’t give all my secrets away but I can tell you that balloons and silver spray paint were involved in the making of over 100 of those suckers! I wish I could say that no balloons were harmed in the making, but sadly, they were.

Okay, Okay, enough of the cheesiness…take a look at the most incredible night for the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium…..Not only did Governor Malloy make a presence but you may see that a mermaid and tree-lady showed up as well…Have fun viewing my creations!

All Photos taken by Misty Enright Photography










The Governor…whether you like him or not….it’s pretty cool he was at one of my events!


Bat Mitzvah at the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium

Growing up in Norwalk, I was always at the Aquarium, never did I think that one day my creations would be on display for people to gauk at! I was honored to create another themed event and this time I dubbed it, “Under The Sea”. I wanted Annabelle’s guests to feel like they were literally under the sea…hence the jellyfish and seaweed hanging over the room from the balcony that Annabelle would make her grand entrance.  I created seahorses, living reef’s and 4 foot tall coral trees.  I used fish netting, resin clam shells and coral. I hand picked flowers and elements that would mimic what you would see if you were on the ocean floor…pin cushion protea to simulate sea urchins…eucalyptus and horsetail to act like sea grass growing towards the sun..I even got crafty with paper lanterns and crepe paper and made some jelly fish! Not only did I have fun with all the details, but Annabelle, her family and friends had fun looking at all the surprises she had only dreamed about for her special day!

Annabelle’s Mother left me the best review on Event Wire:

Candi was fabulous! Very easy to work with. She immediately understood what we wanted – an under the sea whimsical event –

and went with it. Highly, highly recommend her – very creative and fun!


Misty of Misty Enright Photography is the preferred photographer for the Aquarium and you’ll soon see why…she does an excellent job!















Old Hollywood Glitz at The New Haven Lawn Club

10 years ago when I first walked into the New Haven Lawn Club I’ve always wanted to design creations that you would have seen in the 1930’s when this building was built.  Something that would compliment the art deco design, the crystal chandeliers, the mirrored mantle…..creations that would transform you back to the 30’s!  Well, after a long wait, I finally met my kindred spirit, “Lady T ” as we shall call her, and she was able to make my dream come true…and she didn’t even know it!

When we first met she was explaining to me…a florist…that she did NOT want any flowers of any kind…nothing that even resembled a flower.  She was amazed that I didn’t run away and that I stood there in anticipation in hopes that she was my 1930’s gal and that I wasn’t dreaming.  Needless to say, I was thrilled with all of her ideas and couldn’t wait to enhance them with my visions.  This was truly a marriage made in heaven….just so you know I am talking about Lady T and myself! LOL

I had sympathized with her because she had spoken to other florists and they didn’t “get” it…even her own groom was having trouble envisioning…but when the big day arrived, they ALL got it!!!  Here are a few words from Lady T after her wedding:

OMG–I swear–our minds are somehow connected and you knew I was just thinking, “I really have to contact Candi to tell her how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING she is and what an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, INSANE job she did with my wedding!!!!!!!!!” Holy crap, Candi–it was GORGEOUS!!!!! I cried when I saw the ballroom for the first time–my husband thought I was a nut-job but being that he had NO idea what decor you and I were planning, he could NOT believe how incredible the Lawn Club looked. He said he had never seen it look so amazing and he was SOOO impressed and pleased with our “Old Hollywood” ideas. We both couldn’t have been happier and seriously–even a month later–I still get people (people who weren’t even at the freakin wedding!) coming up to me, complimenting on how creative, ingenious and amazing everything was. For most people–it was the first wedding they had ever been to with “no flowers” and THEY LOVED IT! I totally miss seeing how wonderful the Lawn Club was that night  and NONE of this would’ve been possible without you, Candi. 

And……this is the review she left on Wedding Wire:

I honestly cannot even begin to explain the AMAZING experience I had with Candi’s Floral Creations. The minute I met Candi, I knew we would have this incredible connection and I felt immediately comfortable with how insanely beautiful she was going to make my wedding look and feel. Candi is so unbelievably talented and seriously, no idea (even as crazy as it may seem), is “too outside the box” for Candi! She knew EXACTLY what I was looking for and her ideas were exceptional. If you are looking for someone who is an extremely dedicated worker, who will do just about anything to make your wedding “your dream day,” then Candi is the girl for you. She worked sooooo hard to achieve “my vision” and no matter how crazy I sounded, she would reassure me that we were always on the same page and she knew exactly what I was looking for. I will always remember my wedding day—the moment when I saw my gorgeous bouquet for the first time and my unique bridesmaids’ clutches–I got so excited!!! When my husband and I walked into the ballroom to see “Candi’s Creation….” I immediately started to cry because it was even more beautiful than I could ever even imagine.  My husband thought that I was nuts but he too was just floored by what she did and was in awe at what he saw. My vision came true and it was all because of Candi. I honestly do not know how she does it–she is truly an artist and one of the most talented people I have ever met. The decor and everything else Candi was responsible for was seriously my favorite thing about my wedding. Our guests were insanely impressed and to this day (even 2 months later) STILL talk about how incredible the decor was. I am very blessed to have met her when I did and for making the decision to hire her. It was the best thing I did for my wedding. 

Enough of the mushiness…let’s get down to business and see the AMAZING images taken by the talented Misty of Misty Enright Photography!  I have worked with her numerous times and she is the best out there!!!

The Place Card Table



The Foyer


The Flower Girl’s Clutch035

Lady T’s Brooch, Feather, and Lace Bouquet102







A thousand Thank You’s for entrusting me to realize your vision.

 I had an amazing time planning with you and will totally miss the 3 page emails you sent me!

Floral Tree, Feathers, Enchanted Tree for Rent

We can design in any color or flowersWedding Centerpiece tree for rent

Enchanted Forest Tree Rentals

We can design any color feathers and any color beads in vasesFeather centerpiece

Full Feather Centerpieces for rent

We can design in any color schemeFloral tree wedding centerpiece

Floral Tree Rental

Purple Ostrich Feathers!

As you can tell by a few weddings on my website, I LOVE feathers!!!!

I was hired for a Bar Mitzvah to create tall Purple Ostrich Feather centerpieces.  I was so excited when I got the call because I love making these centerpieces, they are so much fun.  This was the first time I had used the purple color and they came in vibrant, to say the least! Loves them!

I arranged them to sit atop a tall tower vase (eiffel tower vase) filled with white water beads for a little more flair!

This event took place at Cascade in Hamden. Their chandeliers are to die for!  A very classic place to have any special event.

These centerpieces and any other color ostrich feather centerpiece available for rental!

You can click on the pics for a better view!  Enjoy!

Purple feathers on Tower Vase

Feather centerpiece is tower vase

Elegant Harvest Centerpiece

Okay, so this centerpiece you’re about to see is HUGE, so get ready!  I was invited by Winvian (an extraordinary resort tucked away in the Litchfield Hills) to partake in a exclusive bridal show of preferred vendors.

Winvian is home to many unnamed famous clients whom enjoy the horses and vineyard while they stay in the eclectically designed high end cabins.

Since I knew that it would take place in the barn they rent out for weddings, I wanted to go with warm colors and a harvest feel.  I love mixing unique items with flowers such as champagne grapes, wired covered moss balls, artichokes, candles, moss covered candles etc  Especially in the fall, bringing natural elements into the design really completes the harvest feel.

This style of design is a perfect impression piece for a wedding place card table, a hotel foyer, a restaurant entry way etc.

Click on the pictures to see more of the details!

fall flowers

barn wedding reception

fall themed wedding

Base of centerpiece

napkin flower

napkin flower

Tropical Wedding

My sister-in-law was getting married and since they were going to a tropical island for their honeymoon, she wanted her wedding to have that same feel.  Since she and her now husband are young, fun and love a party atmosphere, we thought the luau theme would be perfect.  Unfortunately it was a rainy day, but once you stepped into the room, you were transported onto the tropical island where rain was the last thing on anyone’s mind.

This tropical theme can be used for birthday parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, jack and jill showers and much more!

You can click on picture to get a better view.

Dendrobium orchid leis

Entrance into the dining room

Tropical Wedding

Palm Tree Centerpieces

tropical wedding

Every Guest got a lei and a hand-made maraca. The Bridal Party wore fresh orchid leis!

tropical wedding

a REAL Coconut to hold the table number!

New Bridal Shower Concept

My sister-in-law was getting married and she donned me “Wedding Planner, Floral Designer and (lucky me) Matron of Honor”  WOW!  What a task!  I had a blast.

For her bridal shower I wanted to do something totally different.  She’s young, stylish, popular….so the Sunday afternoon, long, drawn out shower wasn’t gonna cut it!

I planned a COCKTAIL PARTY!  It was SO much fun that I would definitely recommend everyone plan a shower this way.  Her young friends had fun and even the older gals loved getting out of the house on a Saturday night.  It’s even a little cheaper because you serve hors d oeuvres and make your own cocktails!

I had all of the bridesmaids make a cocktail that were different colors, alcohols and flavors, then we chose hors d oeuvres that coordinated with each drink.  We displayed the pairs on their own table with about a dozen drinks already poured into the fun shaped glasses for a great visual affect.

I chose long banquet tables, for a relaxing, casual setting.  The centerpieces were simple table scapes and every table was a bit different.  I took advantage of the fact that the party was at night and used a ton of candles, but mixed it up with bright pink Gerbera Daisies and limes!  I thought of every different combo you could design and ran with it: floating Gerbers, arranged Gerbers, floating lime slices, submerged whole limes, and then mixed the 2 together.  I used all different types of vases for the flowers and the candles and adorned the candle holders with funky ribbon.

I can go on and on about the details…..but the pictures say it best!  My sister, the photographer, took all the pics for me!

Remember that you can click on the picture for a larger view.  Cheers!

Gerbera Daisy Table Scape

Marcia's Bridal Shower

Gerberas and Limes

Cocktail Party

bridal shower flowers

cocktail party favors

Personalized Drink mixes for Favors

cocktail party

Drink and food Stations

bridal shower


cocktail party

Deeee LISH!!

Bridal shower invite

The invitation!