Rustic Elegance

I remember the day Julie and Tom called me…in a panic…’Our wedding is Thanksgiving Weekend and no one will take our wedding…AND I want an all fabric bouquet and no one will make one for me” …. I calmed her down and told her she didn’t need to look any further and all those “no’s” were leading her right to me!  From there is was so obvious we were meant to plan her wedding flowers together…an instant connection.  We were able to create a color story that was so unique and perfect for a late fall, rustic wedding.  And her bouquet? Giexsell, my lead designer, and I hand made most of those flowers….5 hours later, isn’t it awesome?  Have a look at Julie and Tom’s very personal, unique, Rustic ~ Elegant wedding!

But before we look at the beautiful photos, I have to talk about these AMAZING vendors!  Eric and his wife Corey are not only the sweetest people they are so very talented!  he loves to get detail shots, as you’ll soon see.

Erica??? Her cakes are award winning.  You need to be following her on Instagram or take one of her classes!

Venue: Pavilion on Crystal Lake
Photographer: Eric Brushett
Cake: Erica O’Brien Cake Design












C’mon!  Look at this detail!!!!!!

And just because we LOVE this bouquet…


Colorful Fall Elegance

What do you do when the sweetest bride ever! tells you she bought her fiance an Orange, Raspberry, Deep Purple and Bright Green bow tie and wants her wedding to be that color story….and using summer-like flowers for her ‘Fall” wedding…?  Well, if you’re me, you say ‘Hell yeah, that’s awesome, let’s do it!’  So…we did it and turned out to be one of the best color combinations and floral varieties I’ve designed in a long time. What most people don’t know is that towards the end of wedding season and autumn many flowers become unavailable and the inventory of unique, colorful flowers can be very limited.  This is where hiring an experienced designer can  benefit you due to the years of connections they have with suppliers as well as knowledge of what can be in season in other countries, etc  I’ll spare you the behind the scenes details and just show you what I’m talking about……





There’s that colorful bow tie that was used as inspiration for the wedding colors


Jennifer and Patrick stood in front of this mantel and under that chandelier for their ceremony……GORGEOUS









The Best ‘cake topper’ Ever

Loved how these colors really brightened up the ballrooms at The New Haven Lawn Club

A HUGE thanks to Kathy at Simply K Studios for not only taking these INCREDIBLE photos but for allowing me to show them off to every  bride that may want something a little different…something bright and elegant….something so colorful that it transforms a room and a venue!  Thank you!

Old Hollywood Glitz at The New Haven Lawn Club

10 years ago when I first walked into the New Haven Lawn Club I’ve always wanted to design creations that you would have seen in the 1930’s when this building was built.  Something that would compliment the art deco design, the crystal chandeliers, the mirrored mantle…..creations that would transform you back to the 30’s!  Well, after a long wait, I finally met my kindred spirit, “Lady T ” as we shall call her, and she was able to make my dream come true…and she didn’t even know it!

When we first met she was explaining to me…a florist…that she did NOT want any flowers of any kind…nothing that even resembled a flower.  She was amazed that I didn’t run away and that I stood there in anticipation in hopes that she was my 1930’s gal and that I wasn’t dreaming.  Needless to say, I was thrilled with all of her ideas and couldn’t wait to enhance them with my visions.  This was truly a marriage made in heaven….just so you know I am talking about Lady T and myself! LOL

I had sympathized with her because she had spoken to other florists and they didn’t “get” it…even her own groom was having trouble envisioning…but when the big day arrived, they ALL got it!!!  Here are a few words from Lady T after her wedding:

OMG–I swear–our minds are somehow connected and you knew I was just thinking, “I really have to contact Candi to tell her how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING she is and what an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, INSANE job she did with my wedding!!!!!!!!!” Holy crap, Candi–it was GORGEOUS!!!!! I cried when I saw the ballroom for the first time–my husband thought I was a nut-job but being that he had NO idea what decor you and I were planning, he could NOT believe how incredible the Lawn Club looked. He said he had never seen it look so amazing and he was SOOO impressed and pleased with our “Old Hollywood” ideas. We both couldn’t have been happier and seriously–even a month later–I still get people (people who weren’t even at the freakin wedding!) coming up to me, complimenting on how creative, ingenious and amazing everything was. For most people–it was the first wedding they had ever been to with “no flowers” and THEY LOVED IT! I totally miss seeing how wonderful the Lawn Club was that night  and NONE of this would’ve been possible without you, Candi. 

And……this is the review she left on Wedding Wire:

I honestly cannot even begin to explain the AMAZING experience I had with Candi’s Floral Creations. The minute I met Candi, I knew we would have this incredible connection and I felt immediately comfortable with how insanely beautiful she was going to make my wedding look and feel. Candi is so unbelievably talented and seriously, no idea (even as crazy as it may seem), is “too outside the box” for Candi! She knew EXACTLY what I was looking for and her ideas were exceptional. If you are looking for someone who is an extremely dedicated worker, who will do just about anything to make your wedding “your dream day,” then Candi is the girl for you. She worked sooooo hard to achieve “my vision” and no matter how crazy I sounded, she would reassure me that we were always on the same page and she knew exactly what I was looking for. I will always remember my wedding day—the moment when I saw my gorgeous bouquet for the first time and my unique bridesmaids’ clutches–I got so excited!!! When my husband and I walked into the ballroom to see “Candi’s Creation….” I immediately started to cry because it was even more beautiful than I could ever even imagine.  My husband thought that I was nuts but he too was just floored by what she did and was in awe at what he saw. My vision came true and it was all because of Candi. I honestly do not know how she does it–she is truly an artist and one of the most talented people I have ever met. The decor and everything else Candi was responsible for was seriously my favorite thing about my wedding. Our guests were insanely impressed and to this day (even 2 months later) STILL talk about how incredible the decor was. I am very blessed to have met her when I did and for making the decision to hire her. It was the best thing I did for my wedding. 

Enough of the mushiness…let’s get down to business and see the AMAZING images taken by the talented Misty of Misty Enright Photography!  I have worked with her numerous times and she is the best out there!!!

The Place Card Table



The Foyer


The Flower Girl’s Clutch035

Lady T’s Brooch, Feather, and Lace Bouquet102







A thousand Thank You’s for entrusting me to realize your vision.

 I had an amazing time planning with you and will totally miss the 3 page emails you sent me!

Rustic Elegance at The Hartford Golf Club

Where do I begin with Michelle and Adam??? Not only were they the sweetest couple EVER, but they had such trust in me to create their vision that Michelle burst into tears at the site of her bouquet.  She then made me cry as I revealed the room to them!  I think it was because we BOTH worked so hard on all the details and to finally see it come to fruition was a bit overwhelming for her.  You could literally see the weight lift from her shoulders as she looked at everything saying…”you read my mind”…”it’s so much more than I expected”   Another beautiful moment I got to share with one of my brides…THIS is what it’s all about for me!

Michelle and Adam wanted their wedding to be elegant, but deep down they desired a natural, earthy, and rustic flair so that it would feel inviting for their guests.  Michelle thought this may be a challenge since her venue, The Hartford Golf Club, is so very elegant. Therefore, I rushed to meet with her at the venue and we got down to business.  The banquet director, James (who was awesome to work with, very accommodating!)  was having a hard time envisioning and I think even understanding all of our ideas, but as I was assuring him, Michelle saw it coming together and felt at ease that her vision could be realized.

We were able to not only mesh these two styles together, but we did it without missing one detail that the couple loved…white mini pumpkins, branches, moss covered spheres, wooden boxes, and so on.  I’m laughing because she also wanted hanging lanterns.  Where, you ask?  OVER the tables!  Well, the ceiling did not allow for this, so I built an arbor and Michelle got to have her lanterns hanging over the guest tables! This was the favorite part for her, Adam and I and as it turns out, for every wedding guest and staff member at the club, too!  Michelle had a few other favorites as she was a crafty one, and made the pumpkin soap place cards as well as the rustic table numbers. I love it when a bride get’s involved and our creations together is a marriage of it’s own.

I was overjoyed when I found out who the photographers were…Justin and Mary Marantz…and they certainly kicked everything up a few notches when they released the pictures.  OH. MY. PHOTOS.!!!   The vision that they have behind the camera is astonishing to me.  The fact that they can capture floral beauty as well as the emotional beauty of Michelle and Adam’s day is breathtaking…as you will now see since words can not explain……




















Thank you, Michelle and Adam, for having me be a part of your wedding and memories for years to come!

I’ll miss the long emails back and forth about the details and the fact that Adam didn’t want any of  “those ‘dead’ looking things” included in the decor!  Makes me smile just thinking about it!

Diana and Justin’s Fall wedding featured on Rustic Chic Weddings!!!!

One of my favorite themes to design…Rustic Elegance during my favorite time of year…Fall!  There are so many natural elements to choose from and I love bringing “the outdoors in” by using leaves, pumpkins, birch, branches, etc etc   And it all paired so nicely with the elegance of New Haven Lawn Club!!!

To top it off Diana( and Justin!) were so fun to plan with….she trusted me to take her vision and run with it and I did! Even scouring the entire state for mini white pumpkins well after their season…and found them! Also got to use my awesome dremel and wood burner kits for some great detail and personalization!

I was crying when I received their thank you card……..Love them!

This wedding was so fab that it got featured in a prestigious wedding blog, Rustic Chic Weddings!!! Click the link to see the feature.  We were all very excited to find this out as this wedding was made for that site!!!

It couldn’t have happened without the gal behind the lens….Sarah from Afterglow Photos….she knows how to work that camera!!!

Here are some of my favorite images of the day……



Indian Island Wedding

Newport, Rhode Island is the most beautiful place to have a wedding…especially when it’s at the Ocean Cliff Hotel!  Indian weddings don’t come my way often, but when they do, I can’t help but fall in love all over again with the traditions, the elegance, the saris and the sarongs, the culture…..It’s just truly magical!

I am so thankful for Ambiance Luxe Wedding Designs for introducing me to Deepti and Sunil because they were not only so sweet and so much fun to work with but they trusted in me and my team to make their vision come true and gave us tons of creative freedom.

While writing this post, the memories came flooding back; leaving the shop at 4:00am with a convoy of trucks;  watching the sunrise over the Newport bridge.  The anticipation of seeing the Ocean Cliff, the water and seeing Deepti dressed and beautified was overwhelming.  She was stunning!!!!!!…. but I have to say that Sunil was probably the most handsome groom I had ever seen! (besides my hubby, of course) And the weather….for October it was heaven sent for a waterside wedding…everything was just perfect!!!!

So, I will now just let the photos taken by Dennis from Binary Flips speak for themselves…..


Ocean Cliff Hotel


Ocean wedding


orchid bouquet

wedding paper

indian wedding dress


seating card table

phaleonopsis orchids

sweetheart table

dessert table


white wedding centerpiece

tall white centerpieces
wedding cake


Featured on Newport Wedding Glam!

Love it when my favorite couples get their weddings featured in great blogs that I love so much!





To see Lauren and Jeff’s original post, click here!

To see their wedding featured on Newport Wedding Glam’s website, click here!

Thanks to all the wonderful vendors that worked so hard on this wedding so make it perfect for the perfect couple!

Saltwater Farms Vineyard

Fancy Pants Wedding Planning

Coastal Gourmet Catering

John Galayda of Blackrock Photography


Rick and Darren’s Swanky wedding

Are you ready for a 1920’s….Safari….Vintage…Earthy…French….Fall…themed wedding???? Well, then you are really “In for it”!  In celebration of the Roaring 20’s, I thought it would be great fun to use some catch phrases from that era to describe this “Swanky” wedding!

Rick and Darren were the “Bees Knees”! Most would think their ideas and tastes were a little “Off the Wall”, but not me! I welcomed every quirky email I got from them…embraced them all.

The Ceremony took place in at Lion Rock Farm, a heavenly farm…seriously…heavenly…you’ll see why!  Very intimate and sweet.

But, the reception…was the “Cat’s Pajamas”, under a tent in the courtyard of The Ragamont House Bed and Breakfast…which is where some of the inspiration came from.

Since I can not come up with the words to describe this fabulous affair..I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.  Look closely for all the details…1920’s band that sings in French and other languages of love, a forest of lights, safari animal place cards and coordinating menus(Adrienne from Admire always brings it!), vintage and I mean OLD silver, etc etc  I won’t give it all away…….

This is only a sampling of their wedding…there will be a TON more pics on my website coming soon……

Lion Rock Farms…..

Barn ceremony

farm wedding

Inside The Ragamont…..

Bed and Breakfast wedding

The happy couple all “Dolled Up”…..

Eclectic wedding

Rick and Darren’s “Dogs”…hehe

wedding fashion


The Tented Reception…..Isn’t it just so “Copacetic”?

tented wedding

The Band Carte Blanche Vintage in their “Glad Rags”!

Carte Blanche

wedding head table

wooden wedding tables

I found a great little jade elephant bell for the “spiffy” couple…..

earthy wedding decor

vintage wedding

succulent centerpiece

bells of ireland

animal seating cards

The traditional French wedding cake…Croquembouche…

wedding cake

Rick and Darren…I “Carry a Torch” for you!

same sex wedding

Well, this has been so much fun for me to share such a detailed wedding that I am very proud of.  I am also very thankful to Erica of Ambiance Luxe Wedding Designs for introducing me to Rick and Darren! Every vendor that was involved with this wedding worked so hard to make everything perfect…there are so many to thank…so THANK YOU to everyone below…it has truly been a honor….

Admire Design LLC

Ambiance Luxe Wedding Designs

Binary Flips Photography

Carte Blanche Vintage Band

Correlation Productions/Lighting

Lion Rock Farms

Ragamont House Bed and Breakfast

Taylor Rentals


Enchanted Vineyard Wedding

I am so excited to talk about Lauren Haymond and Jeff Zimmerman’s Enchanted Vineyard Wedding at Saltwater Farm Vineyard! (of course they are now referred to as Mr and Mrs Zimmerman…or should I say President and First Lady – he he…you’ll see why)

First I have to thank SO many players…. Lauren’s mother, Sharyn Haymond, for seeking me out after meeting with MANY other wedding designers!  We had connected right away and had so much fun talking flowers, colors, styles, etc  She made me blush every time she referred to me as a “New York” florist!  I hear that a lot!  I think it’s due to my persistent creativity, unique designs, thinking outside the box, and of course, my funky style!  But, enough about me…I was giving thanks…..

Thanks to Lauren’s Father, John Haymond, for being great to work with!

Day of Coordinators,  Margaret and Ann from Fancy Pants.  They were so easy going and kept on point. They did a great job and worked with my team seamlessly …thank you!

Michael and Kerri from Coastal Gourmet Catering for always putting down the table linens FIRST!  We love them!

Merrily and Michael, the owners of Saltwater Farm.  They are always so great with me and my team!  They refer me often and Michael said that the “Vineyard has never looked so good”…he was very impressed!  We thank you and appreciate you both!

MY TEAM!!!!  Two Words… A-Mazing!  Sarah, my team leader, really stepped it up at this wedding since ALL of the centerpieces needs to be designed ON SITE!  There was a ton of decor…17 tables; a chuppah; cocktail; ceremony aisle….etc etc AND we had to get it all done in 2 hours! Yup! That meant everyone was in overdrive and I appreciate their hard work!

And last, but certainly NOT least…. Lauren and Jeff’s Photographer, John Galayda of Blackrock Photography.  This is the first time I have had the pleasure of working with him and let me tell you…he was SO nice, so thoughtful, and so easy to work with; before, during and after the wedding.  Not to mention his work is fantastic!

It’s so fantastic that I’m not going to bore you anymore with details of the wedding…you can see them ALL through John’s lens…….

New England Wedding

Purple and Green wedding

Vineyard wedding

Outdoor Jewish Ceremony

Decorated jewish chuppah

wedding guest book

Their “guest book”!  Such a cute idea!

enchanted forest weding

tree centerpiece

fall wedding


vineyard seating cards

lauren and jeff wedding kiss

I can’t stand it!  So, I have to include some AWESOME black and whites!  Told you John has a great eye and captured so many of the special moments!

groomsmen pocket squares

SWF Vineyard wedding


Fall Elegance

This one is an oldie but a goodie!  This was one of my favorite fall weddings ever!

Tiffany was such a beautiful bride, so soft spoken, but new exactly what she wanted.  I must say, she has very good taste!  Since her wedding 4 years ago, she has used me for baby showers, bridal showers and has referred me many times…we LOVE Tiffany!

Love the venue as well, Pine Orchard Country Club in Branford CT.  Chris is fantastic to work with and you can not beat the view, located right on the water.