Winter Wonderland at the Lawn Club

I LOVE this time of year! Not just because it’s Christmastime but because of the wonderful winter weddings! And…have you ever seen the  New Haven Lawn Club decorated for Christmas?  It is done so superbly! Yes I said superbly! It’s so classic and sparkly that you don’t need many decorations to fill up the space. I mean, you certainly need to let your guests know that there’s a wedding happening, YOUR wedding.  But with decorated Christmas trees from floor to ceiling, you’re not needing to have tall, huge over flowing centerpieces.  Simple and classic is best. And that’s just what Ashley and Chris did! Of course they added their own twists so that their personality shown through…like, an all red rose bouquet! or a 8 foot tall Christmas tree with ornaments that doubled as the escort cards!

I can’t wait for you to see what I’m talking about…..and you will…soon, but first I have to reflect…as this Ashley and Chris’s first year wedding anniversary will be in just a few days on the 19th! And boy did so much happen since then…

They have boy and girl twins! yes, twins! And the awesome photographer, Alicia Ann,  snapped these awesome pics below, had her own little bundle of Joy, a baby boy! Dreams coming true before my eyes!

It’s so wonderful to see my clients and vendor friends grow their families! I wish them and you all the best this holiday season and hoping all of your dreams come true, too!

Now take a look at a Classic Winter Wonderland Wedding….and her dress! She found it at The White Dress by the Shore and they worked together to add the lace in such an elegant way.

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Rustic Elegance

I remember the day Julie and Tom called me…in a panic…’Our wedding is Thanksgiving Weekend and no one will take our wedding…AND I want an all fabric bouquet and no one will make one for me” …. I calmed her down and told her she didn’t need to look any further and all those “no’s” were leading her right to me!  From there is was so obvious we were meant to plan her wedding flowers together…an instant connection.  We were able to create a color story that was so unique and perfect for a late fall, rustic wedding.  And her bouquet? Giexsell, my lead designer, and I hand made most of those flowers….5 hours later, isn’t it awesome?  Have a look at Julie and Tom’s very personal, unique, Rustic ~ Elegant wedding!

But before we look at the beautiful photos, I have to talk about these AMAZING vendors!  Eric and his wife Corey are not only the sweetest people they are so very talented!  he loves to get detail shots, as you’ll soon see.

Erica??? Her cakes are award winning.  You need to be following her on Instagram or take one of her classes!

Venue: Pavilion on Crystal Lake
Photographer: Eric Brushett
Cake: Erica O’Brien Cake Design












C’mon!  Look at this detail!!!!!!

And just because we LOVE this bouquet…


Blizzard Wedding 2013 at New Haven Lawn Club

One year ago this coming weekend was the BLIZZARD!  And while CT was buried in snow and the state had a ban on ALL roads, we were out delivering a wedding!!!  It wasn’t just driving two vehicles on unplowed major roads that was crazy (although we did pick up every one of our designers and install team that day) but it was the clearing away of all the snow not only at our house so I could get to the shop, but then at the shop, around the cooler, around my compressor. And it was all painstakingly cleared with shovels…by my hubby and I!  We now have a snowblower, thank God!  But I can tell you that I was crying…I was so sore and there was so much snow…so much to shovel!  I was going to the shop every day every couple of hours to keep an eye on the compressor, to make sure the cooler was still running, clearing off the van and starting it to make sure batteries were still good. It was a nightmare just getting the flowers and the designers to the shop for the wedding prep and design….there was so much more to it than just the driving on banned roads the day of.  The roads….they were either not plowed, or filled with stranded cars and people!  There was nowhere to walk as the sidewalks were still covered.  Loaders were needed to because there was just so much snow!  We actually had to wait for a loader to clear the driveway at the New Haven Lawn Club because plows were useless in this mess. Most of the staff at New Haven Lawn Club had slept there for 2 nights and never left, because they probably wouldn’t have made it back for the wedding. Thank God it was a local wedding for us, but some of the vendors had to travel hours to get to the church and venue.  We were well prepared which is why we made it happen.  I always tell people, if I can deliver in a blizzard then I can do anything and that it should prove my commitment to my clients!!!   I should tell you that the bride was happy and such a trooper…90 out of 100 guests showed up and I heard it was a fantastic winter wedding! Below are some non-professional pictures of the wedding and also of our journey through the Blizzard Wedding of 2013!







Oh yeah…this is me in hell.  IMG_2530









Holiday Decorating with CFC

Every year we decorate a few area businesses for the holidays.  I’ve chosen to feature Cafe Allegre; an upscale Italian restaurant and Inn located in Madison, CT.  The owners, Vicky and Silvio, also own and run The Woodwinds, located in Branford CT.

Decorating 8 Christmas trees, 2 mantels, a 20′ bar area, 3 rooms, and the front entrance, etc it can get a bit pricey.  My cost cutting solution this year was to use glittered gold garland, and a lot of it!  Since it takes up so much space, I didn’t need as many ornaments on the trees, garlands or wreaths.  Plus, I found these great plastic ornaments that were decorated with a gold glitter design….they looked fabulous and no one could tell they were plastic!  They were perfect to use on all the outdoor wreaths, trees and garlands.

Another trick is to use a lot of ribbon.  Although really nice ribbon can be expensive,  it takes up a lot of space.

When I decorate my trees, garlands, or wreaths, I always start with a theme.  Cafe Allegre’s theme is gold and burgundy.  Once I knew my colors, then I start on thinking of about 4 main things to decorate with.  I find that if you use too many things, it becomes very busy, which is not good for a restaurant.  You want to keep it simple, but full.

I chose: A gold Glitter Garland, Burgundy and Gold Ribbon, Burgundy Poinsettias, and Gold and Burgundy mixed ornaments.  Some of the main trees and garlands had a bit more, but not too much more.  You want your trees to have personality and to look intriguing.  You don’t want to just fill them up with all ornaments…that’s not creative!  Once you choose your 4 main focal pieces, then you can have fun and be creative with mixing up the colors, hanging ornaments from ribbon, adding ornaments to the center of poinsettias…etc

I hope you can get some ideas for you home, enjoy!

Remember, you can click on the pictures to get a better view.

Corporate Holiday Decorating

Corporate holiday decorating

Christmas Mantel

Holiday Mantel

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Decorating

Decor for the "Garden Room"

Christmas decor

More for Garden Room

Holiday Decorating

Moss Ball Topiary for the Garden Room

Fire and Ice Party

I’m not the kind of person to throw a party for myself, but, I did! ….and boy was it a great time!

My friend Erica, the owner of Ambiance {chic} Wedding Designs(it was really her idea!), and I thought it would be fun to celebrate the fact that one of our weddings we designed together was featured in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine.  We had also just revamped our websites and wanted to show them off!

In the wedding industry you work with so many vendors every weekend, but it’s always just business.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with the same photographer, but we’ve never spoken to each other about anything other than the wedding we had been working on together.  So we thought it would be a great idea to invite all the people we love to work with within the wedding industry as well as family and friends.

We had a wonderful turnout!  Even though the loft was filled with photographers, coordinators, videographers, florists, bakers, etc  There wasn’t much wedding talk.  It was such a great night to just get to know these people I’ve known for years…if you get my drift. Networking usually is so boring, but we made it fun!

Erica took care of the designing the email invite, linens, lighting, the music, etc While, I had a blast designing the centerpieces.  Remember the winter party was called “Fire and Ice”.  So the “fire”part of our vision was to use a lot of candles, but we wanted to be creative about it.  Some candles were floating in water with ice chips at the bottom of the candle holder, while I rolled other glass candle holders in actual sugar so they would have a frosted look. We even embellished plain glass hanging candle holders by adorning them with chandelier crystals and hung them from silver wire.

I love the look of various size and shaped glass vases and candle holders….but then love to mix up floating candles, floating flowers, and single flowers in the vases.  I like doing this because it keeps people looking all night!

For the “Ice” feel, we used accents of fake snow( which I learned is very versatile!), chandelier crystals, crystal garlands, iced birch branches, and my favorite accent…a rhinestone in the center of a rose.  We only used white hydrangea and roses so that all the other accents could really shine through!

We use two different height centerpieces, again, it keeps the eye moving around the room and I couldn’t decide on which centerpiece to design…so I used them both!  That was the fun part about designing for my own party…I could REALLY do whatever I wanted!

I won’t bore you with anymore details……let the pictures finish the story….Enjoy!

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter Wedding Wonderland

Wedding Winter centerpiece

Sugared Winter Candles

Winter Wedding

David Tutera; The Man, The Myth, The Legend!!

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David Tutera

Me and David Tutera

I did it!   I met the fabulous David Tutera!!! For all of you who don’t know him, he’s the best wedding designer/planner out there!  He tells the brides like it is, in such a delicate, “real”, compassionate way.  Sometimes brides need to hear the hard truth about style and taste for them to really move on to design the wedding of their dreams with STYLE!!

Let’s face it, not everyone has great taste or may have great taste but are but are not sure how to bring all the details together to create your story.  That’s why you hire great professionals that have the skills and know-how to take your thoughts and ideas and create a wedding that is really all about  your style and  personality.  David does this and does it with such passion and compassion.

His newest book is out in stands now and it’s called “The Big White Book of Weddings”  It’s very detailed and helpful when planning your wedding.

He also has a TV show on We Tv called My fair Wedding.  It’s all about what he’s about, taking the ideas that brides have and executing them in a more style and savvy way!  FABULOUS!!!

My Winter Shop Window

One thing I love about having a storefront is that I get to decorate my front window!  It’s something I always loved to do and would volunteer for that task at every flower shop I ever worked at.  My secret goal is to one day design a window for Macy’s.  Wouldn’t that be so cool?

Anyway, this winter was so busy for me that I didn’t have much time allotted for my window, so I went simple.  Sometimes simple is best.  It took me maybe 2 hours, at the most. Everything I used I already had at the shop.  I had an idea of how I wanted it to look, wintery, not holiday-ish!  I designed the main centerpiece and explained my vision to my best assistant ever, Sarah, and she amazed me!  She knew exactly what I had envisioned……such a reversal since I am always the one to figure out the visions!  She did such a great job and even added her own little touches.  I’m in love with it so much, I’m keeping it up until the end of February…no need to rush it!

Having a winter wedding??? We have lots of ideas!!  Tall vases filled with fake snow and birch branches can be used as  centerpieces or to flank your ceremony aisle, or even just to fill a corner within your venue.  They can be rented for a nominal fee.

Storefront Window for the Winter

My shop's winter window

Winter display for weddings

Winter Window Display