Featured in The Knot Spring/Summer 2017 Magazine

Yay! So excited to share with you these amazing photos by Abbey Domond Photograhy of Danica and Dueren’s summer wedding in New Haven!

And…..this wedding is also featured in the pages of The Knot Spring/Summer 2017 magazine! WooHoo!

Not to mention the sweet image of them below landed on the blog of The Huffington Post!

Here are the amazing team of vendors(and their direct link to IG pages) that made it all happen for these two: Instgram

Cinematography: @yameanstudios

Wedding Coordinator: @viceventsnyc

DJ: @iknowmikemusic

Stationery: @ijorere

Custom Decor: @ten23designs

Cake: @wildflourconfections

Makeup: @arelquintese

Hair: @isewtracx

Ceremony Venue: Edgerton Park

Reception Venue: The Country House

First, Let’s Celebrate!! (As you’ll see Danica and Dueren did that well)


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Dreamy Vineyard Wedding

“Dreamy” is what comes to mind when I look at Julianne…her dress, her hair piece, her bouquet…. Her and Andrew’s wedding was so soft and full of romance…you have to see for yourself….

I_0017 I_0206 (1) I_0186 I_0315 I_0038 I_0207 I_0030 I_0433 I_0457 I_0474 I_0449 I_0573 I_0035
Venue: Saltwater Farm Vineyard (where we are PREFERRED)

Caterer: Gourmet Galley, Keri Bell is awesome!  They refer us quite often and we are PREFERRED at their venue, Guilford Yacht Club

Photographer: Maggie Conley  This was my first time working with her and she was lovely, so easy going and so talented.  She is the reason this blog post is even titled Dreamy!

Lush in Blush at Pine Orchard Yacht Club

Joanna and Greg were so sweet to work with!  Another couple that used me for my Style Services as I worked closely with them on all the details such as bridesmaids dress color, linen choice and color, lace topper, colored lace detail on the seating cards, table numbers, etc etc   I remember walking into the Pine Orchard Yacht Club with the flowers and hearing a gasp from the staff…not only because these centerpieces were.to.die.for but because it was an ‘Aha’ moment as they saw everything come together and make sense.  I will let the photos from the very talented Sean and Micheal from millimeter photo not only show you the details but the love and happiness that they captured from Joanna and Greg that day.   Joanna was prettied up even more than normal by the fabulous Maria Licari! PERFECTION!

mf_0013 sc_0570 mf_0758 sc_0708 sc_0712 sc_0620 mf_0970 mf_0973 sc_0857 sc_0885 sc_0886 mf_0986 sc_0921


Vibrant Colors at The Inn at Longshore

Summer is my favorite season for a wedding at The Inn at Longshore….especially when you have a couple like Brooke and Tom! They totally embraced their summer wedding by using very vibrant florals for the decor and by choosing a steel drum band for the outdoor cocktail hour which allowed me to come up with a fun idea to use tiki torches as vases!   They weren’t afraid to use COLOR which matched their personality perfectly, so why wouldn’t we have explosions of color bursting on every guest table.   That ballroom came alive that day.

Take a look for yourself…. Amazing Photos by Misty Enight

 Candi’s Floral Creations is the Preferred Florist of The Inn at Longshore


Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_768_low Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_620_low Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_175_low Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_431_low Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_399_low Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_777_low Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_778_low Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_779_low Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_179_low Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_164_low Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_752_low Bennett_Caponegro_Misty_Enright_Photography_633_low


Mint, Peach and Blush ~ Rustic Vintage Vineyard

Pastel color stories are making a comeback and I can see why.  They are etherial, light, peaceful, romantic… much like Stephanie and Jaxon’s wedding that took place at the magical Saltwater Farm Vineyard.  It’s a great place to have accents of rustic and vintage and being a vineyard…you get my drift.  From an old mailbox to fill with love letters, a burlap book to leave marital advice for the couple, to candy striped straws for a signature drink to wooden slabs, mercury glass, mason jars with burlap and lace as decor for the guest tables and ceremony. I feel there is an art to gathering many eclectic elements and making them work….which is why Stephanie and Jax hired ME !  I absolutely love pairing the old with the new and the rustic with the elegant.  I hope you will too! Get ready for prettiness overload as there were too many images for me to choose from by the fabulous Jennifer from Jennifer Bach Photography! A huge thanks to Jennifer from Gourmet Galley Catering as she was so incredible and accommodating to work with!

Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon0077_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon0929_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon0386_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon0548_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon0447_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon0477_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon0795_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon0479_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon0491_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon0986_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon0942_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon1327_low  Walker_Leo_Jennifer_Bach_Photography_StephanieJaxon1280_low



Vintage Vineyard Chic

Vintage Vineyard Chic….That’s the only way you can describe this wedding…other than BEAUTIFUL, Fun, Preppy, Silly, Loving, Rustic Elegance, Eclectic… I really can go on and on and…..

This was one of those weddings that I would have wanted to attend!  Not only were Christine and John the cutest, sweetest, nicest, easiest, trusting couple ever, they, along with their family and guests, were SO MUCH fun…so happy…so ready to celebrate and party!!!  My cheeks hurt from smiling back at everyone smiling and saying hello to me.  It was so difficult to narrow these photos down to only 12 since Shane at Readyluck Photography , captured their silliness, personality,  and love in every photo! He is amazingly talented and great to work with. You’ll soon see what I mean….. but first, I need to mention some of the creative partners that I had the pleasure of working with that made this event even better:

Saltwater Farm Vineyard. I LOVE being preferred at this Vineyard.  Love everything about this place…the back story, the beauty, the coolness…. and the owners, Michael and Merrily!!! But we can’t forget about Paul…their right hand man. Each one are so dedicated to making each event special and memorable.

A Thyme to Cook Catering.  I’ve worked with them a few times and it’s been a pleasure.  They are on top of things which is exactly what you want when looking for a caterer.

Sara Faella’s Glam Squad.  The traveling hair and makeup team. I’m always arriving as they are busy working, sometimes I get lost in watching them do their magic!

Red Door Salon. Off Site Hair and Makeup

We Love Photobooths.   AND they really mean that.  They were fantastic and very creative! (The link takes you to the “crew” of this company since that page alone would make me want to hire them!)

Power Posse Productions (Lighting/DJ).  The perfect DJ for this couple…kept the party going ALL night….until the party continued at the Mystic Boathouse!

Guests arrived by Bus from First Group and Bridal Party by 7 person SUV from Professional Limousine.

Let the Fun begin….













Hydrangeas at Harkness State Park

I have been waiting so long to blog about this wedding!!!  First off, Stephanie and Ryan were one of the best couples I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Even though they came to me with thoughts of what they wanted the feel of their wedding to be , they let me run with my ideas and creativity….which is when I do my BEST work! Not only were they so very sweet, fun and flexible, they were so easy going and I think it’s because they did their homework.  They gave themselves more than a year to plan which gives time to really research vendors, see their work being featured, read their reviews…so once they figured out who would be the best fit for them, they were so trusting and let us do our thang!!!  But then again….maybe they chose me because they secretly knew that seashore themed weddings are my specialty since I got married on a beach in Cape Cod and the ocean is my everything…just saying…..

So to back up a little bit…when I first started to talk with Stephanie she sent me photos so I could get an idea of what appealed to her…Well, we had a good laugh because EVERY picture had bright blue hydrangeas…hence the title of this blog “Hydrangeas at Harkness State Park”.  So….needless to say, I gathered that this chic must like herself some Bright Blue Hydrangea!!!!  As you will soon see…….

I have to give MAJOR shout outs to Eric Foley Photography who is as easy going as Stephanie and Ryan.  Oh, and his photos are just to die for!!! He was just a perfect fit for this wedding and this couple. DJ Kenny Q was the best I have seen and was very impressed for working with him for the first time.  I truly hope that our paths cross again!  As always, Cloud Nine Catering are so much fun to work with!  A side note…PLEASE always tell your florist if you’re planning on having family style serving…STEPHANIE!!!!  That was such a lovely surprise to find out as I was filling up the middle of the tables with all of my creations!! Again, Cloud Nine and my team had a great laugh and made some on site changes and it all worked out.  A true testament to hiring professionals that have worked together before and have years of experience so when situations arise, which they always do, they know how to deal with it without missing a beat.

So enough about how I LOVE Eolia Mansion at Harkness Memorial State Park and how I LOVED  every vendor of this wedding and will miss working with Stephanie and Ryan…let’s see the goods……..

seashore wedding bouquet


hydrangea and coxcomb seashore boquet


beach wedding ceremony flowers



beach wedding centerpiece

Kudos to Stephanie and Ryan for making their table numbers personalized and so much fun for their guests!!!


hydrangea wedding centerpieces

nautical candle wedding centerpiece

seashore garland


Fall Elegance

This one is an oldie but a goodie!  This was one of my favorite fall weddings ever!

Tiffany was such a beautiful bride, so soft spoken, but new exactly what she wanted.  I must say, she has very good taste!  Since her wedding 4 years ago, she has used me for baby showers, bridal showers and has referred me many times…we LOVE Tiffany!

Love the venue as well, Pine Orchard Country Club in Branford CT.  Chris is fantastic to work with and you can not beat the view, located right on the water.





Summer romance at Water’s Edge Resort and Spa

Nicha and Jeff’s wedding was so romantic, I fell in love with the Gazebo decor…simple cymbidium orchids hanging from all sides, surrounding them as if it were raining orchids….so dreamy!

They added lots of seashore details, which was perfect for The Water’s Edge, being located right on the water.

Nicha LOVES orchids, so they were EVERYWHERE!  Vanda Orchids speckled her bouquet as the Bridesmaids had accents of Dendrobrium orchids.  Cymbidium orchids hung from the gazebo and Purple Mokara orchids adorned the ceremony chairs and Dendrobriums for the centerpieces.

I have to give myself a pat on the back for a second…..Did you know that there are umpteen different types AND shades of purple orchids??? Well, fortunately, I do!  Some have pink undertones, some have blue undertones….This is why it is so important for floral designers to get swatches!!!  Purple can be 8 thousand different shades.  So when I saw the swatch of the sash for the Bridesmaids dresses, I knew exactly which purple orchids I wanted and went searching for them…it was rough, but I found them! It pays off to have the same undertone as the dress…which in the case was a blue undertone.  Those dresses looked like they were made for those bouquets!  Don’t let me get started on the color green….there are more shades of green than I car for…but again, I did my magic and everything looked fantastic!

Thank you….enough about me….How about these photos? How dreamy are they???

Victoria Souza and her husband, Erik,  were so friendly and wonderful, as always!  Their photos really captured their love and special moments throughout the day. And also caught Mine and Nicha’s little surprise lining the ceremony aisle….can you see what hides between the rose petals?????