Enchanted Forest Wedding

There are many different types of Enchanted Forest themes, but this wedding takes the cake! (no pun intended) Everything you could imagine an enchanted forest would have, was included….but without going too far.

Since a forest can contain various elements, we decided to run wild with a collection of different accents to capture the concept.  There were 3 styles of centerpieces: an enchanted tree, a bowl filled with flowers and butterflies and a floral arrangement designed in a moss container.  All centerpieces were surrounded my moss rocks, colorful gems and votive candles decorated in peacock feathers. Peacock feathers accented the bride’s bouquet, shoes, hair, etc; real butterflies sealed the kiss(none were hurt in the process); flower girls were fairies with the most gorgeous wings you’ve ever seen; the ring bearer held a lily pad with frog moss pillow…..and so much more…..we will let the pictures show you the rest!
….but you’ll have to wait just a little bit more because I have to talk
about the amazing people that were involved in this wedding….
KELLY and ROB, aka the bride and groom: they were the best couple EVER! I was so happy to be able to create Kelly’s vision, which was a challenge because she was so devoted to every aspect of every detail. She deserves every picture perfect moment, as you’ll soon see.
Erica at Ambiance {chic} Wedding Designs came through again with such a great wedding and couple. She and her team took such good care of those butterflies!Lol
Fox Hill Inn, Brookfield, CT; Rosa is the best! Easy to work with and very accommodating.

Adrienne at Admire Design captured the vision in the escort cards, menus and table numbers.

Time Frozen Photography was A-MAZ-ING!!!!! Take a look….
(click on pics for a larger view)

Natural Bouquet

Kelly and Rob, MARRIED!

Enchanted Forest Wedding

Yes! REAL butterflies!

Fairy Wings for a Flower Girl

You can't be a fairy without WINGS!

Enchanted forest ring bearer pillow

Lily pad and frog for ring bearer!

Enchanted Forest Wedding Arch

Ceremony Arch

wedding aisle with rose petals

Rose petal design down the aisle and lined with hanging lanterns

Wedding lanterns

Bridesmaids carried enchanting lanterns

Enchanted Forest boutonniere

Enchanting Boutonniere; Groom's included a peacock feather

Enchanted forest wedding centerpiece

Enchanting tree centerpiece

enchanted forest wedding centerpiece

Low centerpieces designed in a moss covered vase

wedding centerpiece

above view of the enchanting bowl centerpiece

peacock feather votive candle

moss topiaries

peacock wedding shoes

gotta love these!

And my favorite photo of all…….

kelly bouquet

Enchanted Forest Wedding Theme

Well, the enchanted forest wedding theme is getting pretty popular, and I have to say, I love it!  I must have been a fairy (probably a floral fairy) in a past life because I am so drawn to this theme and keep thinking of new things to add to it all the time!  Since I have many brides contacting me with this theme, I wanted to come up with a really unique enchanted forest tree that does not look like the ever so played out manzanita trees (although, I still love using them).  My tree is the best, if I do say so myself!  For cost-cutting purposes, I rent these trees out.  They are still a bit pricey, but they are well worth it!  I add things to it all the time. The tree looks great with moss balls, candles, flower heads added to the table around the base of the tree. Along with nestling moss and fresh flowers into the trunk, I hang fantasy flowers and colorful votives from the branches.  You can add butterflies and dragonflies – fantasy or real-looking.  It’s a forest, anything goes!!

Since most brides can not afford to put trees on every table, I have designed 2 shorter enchanted forest themed centerpieces for the other tables.  I think it looks better to have a handful of these impressive  trees scattered throughout the room mixing them with lower styles in the same theme.  Gives you the feel you are in a forest, enchanted, of course!

Enchanted Forest Tree Centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Tree Centerpiece

Enchanted forest floral wedding centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Floral Centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Floating Flower Centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Floating Flower Table Centerpiece / Cocktail Hour Decor

As you can see there are many designs I can come up with to make your enchanted forest theme wedding be very unique!   The last picture can be a very simple guest table centerpiece or we ca use a smaller bowl and have them on your bistro tables for cocktail hour to really carry your theme throughout your entire event.