New Bridal Shower Concept

My sister-in-law was getting married and she donned me “Wedding Planner, Floral Designer and (lucky me) Matron of Honor”  WOW!  What a task!  I had a blast.

For her bridal shower I wanted to do something totally different.  She’s young, stylish, popular….so the Sunday afternoon, long, drawn out shower wasn’t gonna cut it!

I planned a COCKTAIL PARTY!  It was SO much fun that I would definitely recommend everyone plan a shower this way.  Her young friends had fun and even the older gals loved getting out of the house on a Saturday night.  It’s even a little cheaper because you serve hors d oeuvres and make your own cocktails!

I had all of the bridesmaids make a cocktail that were different colors, alcohols and flavors, then we chose hors d oeuvres that coordinated with each drink.  We displayed the pairs on their own table with about a dozen drinks already poured into the fun shaped glasses for a great visual affect.

I chose long banquet tables, for a relaxing, casual setting.  The centerpieces were simple table scapes and every table was a bit different.  I took advantage of the fact that the party was at night and used a ton of candles, but mixed it up with bright pink Gerbera Daisies and limes!  I thought of every different combo you could design and ran with it: floating Gerbers, arranged Gerbers, floating lime slices, submerged whole limes, and then mixed the 2 together.  I used all different types of vases for the flowers and the candles and adorned the candle holders with funky ribbon.

I can go on and on about the details…..but the pictures say it best!  My sister, the photographer, took all the pics for me!

Remember that you can click on the picture for a larger view.  Cheers!

Gerbera Daisy Table Scape

Marcia's Bridal Shower

Gerberas and Limes

Cocktail Party

bridal shower flowers

cocktail party favors

Personalized Drink mixes for Favors

cocktail party

Drink and food Stations

bridal shower


cocktail party

Deeee LISH!!

Bridal shower invite

The invitation!