The Inn at Longshore : Summer Love

Summer Weddings are my fav.  The weather is hot and steamy just like the love that is being celebrated! I know, cheesy! but I’m serious, there’s something about Summer Lovin’…..Yup, that’s a Grease reference….



You see what I mean??? Emily and Jon’s Summer Wedding was absolutely flawless and I never use that word. Ever.  The hair, the dress, the groom, the flowers, the flowers, the venue, the sunset, the birch chuppah, did I mention the flowers? Not only was Emily so gracious throughout the planning process she trusted me implicitly which makes my job so much easier.  It means I am able to make design decisions on the fly if I want to change something for the better, I can without a worry. It means I can be creative and add touches that come to me when I’m in design mode that I know the bride will love and I can just go ahead and do it!  Everything comes out better than ever imagined when I can be fully trusted and do what you hired me to do…bring your vision to life.  Which is what I did here…take a look for yourself…

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I couldn’t have hand picked a better team of Creative Partners to work this wedding with. I have to start with the unbelievably talented Victor from Binary Flips Photography.  Their entire team are so creative it blows my mind.  I added a few beautiful photos of Emily below that I just needed you to see, enjoy!

The Inn at Longshore, Westport CT  I am happy to announce that I am now their preferred florist! YAY

The Delamar, Southport CT  The bridal party got ready here and they were very accommodating

Inn-at-Longshore-Wedding-011(pp_w721_h484)-1 Inn-at-Longshore-Wedding-080(pp_w721_h484) Inn-at-Longshore-Wedding-015(pp_w721_h963)

Rustic Elegance at The Hartford Golf Club

Where do I begin with Michelle and Adam??? Not only were they the sweetest couple EVER, but they had such trust in me to create their vision that Michelle burst into tears at the site of her bouquet.  She then made me cry as I revealed the room to them!  I think it was because we BOTH worked so hard on all the details and to finally see it come to fruition was a bit overwhelming for her.  You could literally see the weight lift from her shoulders as she looked at everything saying…”you read my mind”…”it’s so much more than I expected”   Another beautiful moment I got to share with one of my brides…THIS is what it’s all about for me!

Michelle and Adam wanted their wedding to be elegant, but deep down they desired a natural, earthy, and rustic flair so that it would feel inviting for their guests.  Michelle thought this may be a challenge since her venue, The Hartford Golf Club, is so very elegant. Therefore, I rushed to meet with her at the venue and we got down to business.  The banquet director, James (who was awesome to work with, very accommodating!)  was having a hard time envisioning and I think even understanding all of our ideas, but as I was assuring him, Michelle saw it coming together and felt at ease that her vision could be realized.

We were able to not only mesh these two styles together, but we did it without missing one detail that the couple loved…white mini pumpkins, branches, moss covered spheres, wooden boxes, and so on.  I’m laughing because she also wanted hanging lanterns.  Where, you ask?  OVER the tables!  Well, the ceiling did not allow for this, so I built an arbor and Michelle got to have her lanterns hanging over the guest tables! This was the favorite part for her, Adam and I and as it turns out, for every wedding guest and staff member at the club, too!  Michelle had a few other favorites as she was a crafty one, and made the pumpkin soap place cards as well as the rustic table numbers. I love it when a bride get’s involved and our creations together is a marriage of it’s own.

I was overjoyed when I found out who the photographers were…Justin and Mary Marantz…and they certainly kicked everything up a few notches when they released the pictures.  OH. MY. PHOTOS.!!!   The vision that they have behind the camera is astonishing to me.  The fact that they can capture floral beauty as well as the emotional beauty of Michelle and Adam’s day is breathtaking…as you will now see since words can not explain……




















Thank you, Michelle and Adam, for having me be a part of your wedding and memories for years to come!

I’ll miss the long emails back and forth about the details and the fact that Adam didn’t want any of  “those ‘dead’ looking things” included in the decor!  Makes me smile just thinking about it!

Persian Retro Wedding in New England

Johanna and Kamran wanted their day to truly represent them, their life together, their traditions, their style and their loves. There was so much thought put into every detail, everything had purpose, so I welcomed the challenge of making everything look cohesive.

Having their wedding at Saltwater Farms Vineyard, a beautifully renovated airport hanger, we included bi-planes into the favors and used them as table numbers. Keeping with the retro- vintage theme, which was certainly the couple’s vibe, old hankies adorned the bouquets and centerpieces, eclectic jadeite containers were the focal point of the guest tables, and an old typewriter was used as the guest book. Wanting the flowers to be very bright and have an effortless feeling, we used hand picked garden flowers with accents of natural elements such as succulents and willow! The bright retro style also came into play with their cake, which was the perfect replica of them and their dog, Arthur! Oh yeah…the Ring Bearer, A.K.A, Arthur had his own limo that dropped him up and picked him up…it was the cutest thing I ever saw! Of course, I decorated his collar so he could look as dapper as his parents!

It was wonderful to see them being faithful to Kamran’s Persian traditions during the ceremony.  The Sofreh table various housed organic elements that signified certain things.  For instance, there was a bowl of eggs to help with fertility.  My favorite was the honey that they sensually fed to each other to signify that there marriage and love may always be sweet.

Johanna and Kamran’s photographer is Kelly Prizel Photography, but I also asked my friend and professional photographer Kiva from Annandale Photography take detail shots for me since I did not want to miss a thing!  They both did an amazing job!  See for yourself……

retro wedding programs


matchbox wedding favors


Ct wedding

grey bridesmaids dresses

garden bouquets


summer bouquets


succulent boutonniere

ring bearer pillow

Sofreh wedding table

Persian Sofreh Table

Ceremony arch

decorated dog collar

retro wedding cake

wedding jadeite floral centerpieces

Summer centerpieces

saltwater farm summer wedding

Dawn’s Vintage – Romance Wedding

Dawn’s wedding looks like it jumped right off the page of a Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine….I should know…he he!  Loved designing this wedding because it was so simple with using all green and white florals, yet was very garden-y using mostly hand picked local farm flowers and of course vintage, due to the milk glass vases!  A romantic classic wedding that can designed for any time of year and at any venue!

Worked with the fabulous Ambiance {chic} Wedding Designs and Admire Designs LLC at the lovely Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station in Haddam CT.

Tented Garden Wedding

Tina and Brendan loved their home in the Litchfield Hills and thought it would be the perfect place for a garden themed reception…and it was!  Not only was the local personal to them, but they had fun going to tag sales and flea markets to find the perfect country-garden containers for their centerpieces and accent creations decorated around their property.  Sometimes when you let couples loose to gather their own containers, you can end up with really bazaar items…as you’ll soon see!  It all came together beautifully, though.

I not only used garden flowers and locally farm grown flowers; most of the accent containers were filled with blooming plants!  So much fun!  Centerpieces were different on every table and were a mix of flowers and plants designed in gently used tag sale containers such as wooden boxes, vintage glass, galvanized pots, etc  All to create the perfect garden centerpiece.

Wedding Planner: Ambiance {chic} Wedding Designs

Photographer: Clau Photography, a friend of the bride and groom

I took some of these photos, remember to click on them to enlarge for a better view!

Hydrangea bouquet

hydrangea wedding bouquet

Blue hydrangeas decorate the pews

tented garden wedding reception

garden reception

garden wedding centerpiece

wedding decorations

Enchanted Forest Wedding Theme

Well, the enchanted forest wedding theme is getting pretty popular, and I have to say, I love it!  I must have been a fairy (probably a floral fairy) in a past life because I am so drawn to this theme and keep thinking of new things to add to it all the time!  Since I have many brides contacting me with this theme, I wanted to come up with a really unique enchanted forest tree that does not look like the ever so played out manzanita trees (although, I still love using them).  My tree is the best, if I do say so myself!  For cost-cutting purposes, I rent these trees out.  They are still a bit pricey, but they are well worth it!  I add things to it all the time. The tree looks great with moss balls, candles, flower heads added to the table around the base of the tree. Along with nestling moss and fresh flowers into the trunk, I hang fantasy flowers and colorful votives from the branches.  You can add butterflies and dragonflies – fantasy or real-looking.  It’s a forest, anything goes!!

Since most brides can not afford to put trees on every table, I have designed 2 shorter enchanted forest themed centerpieces for the other tables.  I think it looks better to have a handful of these impressive  trees scattered throughout the room mixing them with lower styles in the same theme.  Gives you the feel you are in a forest, enchanted, of course!

Enchanted Forest Tree Centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Tree Centerpiece

Enchanted forest floral wedding centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Floral Centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Floating Flower Centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Floating Flower Table Centerpiece / Cocktail Hour Decor

As you can see there are many designs I can come up with to make your enchanted forest theme wedding be very unique!   The last picture can be a very simple guest table centerpiece or we ca use a smaller bowl and have them on your bistro tables for cocktail hour to really carry your theme throughout your entire event.

Faux Stone Fountain

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This faux stone fountain is a nifty addition to your garden wedding or use it as a wishing well and keep all the loot for your honeymoon!  People ask if it really works, well YES, it really works!  It is electric and the water shoots out the top and trickles down the tiers.  Looks fabulous spruced up a bit with garlands and floating flowers or candles in the bottom tier.

Stone Fountain for wedding

Wedding Fountain

Rustic Metal Plant Stand

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These rustic metal plant stands are perfect for an outdoor or garden themed wedding……although I have used them for a very earthy and elegant themed wedding where the colors were brown, green, ivory and champagne!  I use them to frame the ceremony location, on either side of the head table, or at the beginning of your aisle.  They have some weight to them so they can take a very tall and big arrangement without being top heavy.  I use them often at St. Clements Castle at the river side.  The wind just howls through that location and these  have no problem standing since the wind can move through them.

Rustic Metal Plant Stands

Rustic Metal Plant Stands for Ceremony

Garden Wire Urns

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These garden wire urns are so versatile, I love them!  You can line the top of the urn with any type of moss and then plop an arrangement in them.  I usually design the arrangement in a nice inexpensive decorative container that fits into the urn so that you can take the arrangement with you at the end of the night, since the urns are coming back with me:)  What is also unique about these urns is that they come off of their base!  This way they can be tall for your ceremony and then can be shorter to sit on the floor in front of your head table or can be placed on another accent table at the reception.

We also have very cool boxwood balls that can be placed in the urns for a more sculpted garden feel.

Garden Wire Urn

Garden Wire Urn

Ceremony Arrangement in Wire Urn

Ceremony Arrangement in Wire Urn (flowers are artificial to give you a visual)

Garden Boxwood Ball in Ceremony Wire Urn

Boxwood Ball in Ceremony Wire Urn