Vibrant Colors at The Inn at Longshore

Summer is my favorite season for a wedding at The Inn at Longshore….especially when you have a couple like Brooke and Tom! They totally embraced their summer wedding by using very vibrant florals for the decor and by choosing a steel drum band for the outdoor cocktail hour which allowed me to come up with a fun idea to use tiki torches as vases!   They weren’t afraid to use COLOR which matched their personality perfectly, so why wouldn’t we have explosions of color bursting on every guest table.   That ballroom came alive that day.

Take a look for yourself…. Amazing Photos by Misty Enight

 Candi’s Floral Creations is the Preferred Florist of The Inn at Longshore


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Early Spring Elegance

I first met Megan and Jackie at a bridal show I was working at Belle Terrace @ Avon Old Farms.  I had recently become a preferred florist with the venue and thought this would be a great way for me to showcase my work to their couples.  WOW, did that pay off!  Megan and Jackie had already booked a florist for their wedding, but when they met me and saw my work and all that I had offered, they made the decision to hire me instead!  I also offer wedding coordination, which I think helped them make this decision.  They came to me with a crazy color story…blue, raspberry, purple, orange and green.  Now while that could be awesome wedding colors….it wasn’t making sense with the words they were using to describe their wedding….. “Elegant” “Classic”  “Timeless” “Springy’….etc etc

So…we started from scratch!  After a few meetings we came up with this new color scheme that we ALL feel in love with!  Purples, Merlot, and Green…with tons of different shades in between…with an accent of BLING and silver.  Now we were getting somewhere.  I helped them decide on their linen colors…which were spot on with my floral color choices.  I helped them figure out the best place to have the ceremony within the venue and how we could make that beautiful.  We also talked about the weather…it was early March, but if it was a very warm day, we designed a back up plan to be able to decorate the outdoor area the morning of.  It was a great collaboration between couple and florist…they way it should be…always!

I will let the pictures by the amazing Val at Valdorama Photography tell the story of Megan and Jackie……










1920’s Elegance with Flair

It only took a day and we were all hooked! I mean they booked! When I first talked with Kristin and Brian on the phone, we all knew this was going to be an awesome collaboration.  It was the day after we spoke for the first time that they booked with me…having never met me.  It was truly meant to be as I knew exactly what they wanted and we had just clicked so well. Knowing that I had their trust from the get go, I was able to really be creative and push the envelope with some over the top ideas.  When designing an Old Hollywood style wedding you always want more crystals, more pearls, more sparkle!  They were not afraid!  We kept light on the feather because we really wanted the flowers to be the focus as Kristin LOVED flowers and wanted them everywhere.  Love the little twists in design they so happily said YES to…feathers shooting out one side of the centerpieces for a modern flair, crystal curtains, feathers and crystals decorating the chuppah, etc  I even made major changes the day of, knowing they were going to LOVE it…keeping the chuppah in place after ceremony and having them sit under it at their reception…uplighting all four chuppah poles (which was not in the plans, but once Rob from Correlation Productions saw the chuppah he was able to get creative and we made that awesome decision together!) It was just an easy, elegant, beautiful wedding and experience working with Kristin and Brian and all of their great vendors!  This was truly a wonderful group of vendors that went above and beyond to make their day the best it could be!

Photography: Benedicte from MVB Photography

Videography: Felix ( and his lovely wife) from Felix Roman Films ( can’t wait for his short film to grace the pages of my blog)

Ceremony and Reception Venue: New Haven Lawn Club

Lighting: Rob from Correlation productions

Suite for getting ready: The Study  at Yale….GORGEOUS views of New Haven

I hope you enjoy looking at these gorgeous photos…and the gorgeous couple…movie star gorgeous!













Blizzard Wedding 2013 at New Haven Lawn Club

One year ago this coming weekend was the BLIZZARD!  And while CT was buried in snow and the state had a ban on ALL roads, we were out delivering a wedding!!!  It wasn’t just driving two vehicles on unplowed major roads that was crazy (although we did pick up every one of our designers and install team that day) but it was the clearing away of all the snow not only at our house so I could get to the shop, but then at the shop, around the cooler, around my compressor. And it was all painstakingly cleared with shovels…by my hubby and I!  We now have a snowblower, thank God!  But I can tell you that I was crying…I was so sore and there was so much snow…so much to shovel!  I was going to the shop every day every couple of hours to keep an eye on the compressor, to make sure the cooler was still running, clearing off the van and starting it to make sure batteries were still good. It was a nightmare just getting the flowers and the designers to the shop for the wedding prep and design….there was so much more to it than just the driving on banned roads the day of.  The roads….they were either not plowed, or filled with stranded cars and people!  There was nowhere to walk as the sidewalks were still covered.  Loaders were needed to because there was just so much snow!  We actually had to wait for a loader to clear the driveway at the New Haven Lawn Club because plows were useless in this mess. Most of the staff at New Haven Lawn Club had slept there for 2 nights and never left, because they probably wouldn’t have made it back for the wedding. Thank God it was a local wedding for us, but some of the vendors had to travel hours to get to the church and venue.  We were well prepared which is why we made it happen.  I always tell people, if I can deliver in a blizzard then I can do anything and that it should prove my commitment to my clients!!!   I should tell you that the bride was happy and such a trooper…90 out of 100 guests showed up and I heard it was a fantastic winter wedding! Below are some non-professional pictures of the wedding and also of our journey through the Blizzard Wedding of 2013!







Oh yeah…this is me in hell.  IMG_2530









Vintage Inspired at the New Haven Lawn Club

Ahhhh! I just adore vintage anything…especially vintage themed weddings!  I met Jamie, Sam and their families at the New Haven Lawn Club tasting the year prior. Being a preferred florist of the NHLC I get to design centerpieces for all guests table and  decorate the entire club for the tastings.

I remember meeting Jamie so clearly because she was so happy to see her centerpiece and had loved what I created , but there were a few problems…she said that it needed MORE roses and MORE bling! I thought “Uh, a girl after my own vision!  We’re going to get along just fine and have a ton of fun planning every detail!”.

The NHLC is the perfect venue and backdrop for a vintage wedding…with the building having been built in the early 30’s and those chandeliers….dripping with crystals!!!!

Jamie and Sam had an underlying theme of “an evening in the park” and all the tables were named after local parks.

My team was very instrumental in designing Jamie and Sam’s floral creations…I have the best team EVER!

Jamie was very happy with the results and my team as well, as you will see below:

“Candi, my flowers were unreal…I am still getting compliments from everyone. Thank you and your wonderful team. I loved the bling and vintage touches.”

I was so pleased when I found out that  they hired Cheryl  of Cronin Photography to capture their special moments because she is not only so great to work with, but her work is beautiful.  Enjoy these samplings and be sure to visit my website very soon for the full feature!

Amy and Josh | Inn at Longshore

Wonderland in Westport is what I really want to say.  If you have ever dreamed of your fairytale wedding from the time you were a little girl…then this is what it would look like!  The cutest couple and with the most elegant wedding!

Peonies, Roses, Bling, More Peonies and More Bling!  I will let the photos speak for themselves…….

The DREAM TEAM, as I’d like to call us:

Wedding Design: Ambiance {Chic} Wedding Designs

Photography: Binary Flips

Venue: The Inn at Longshore: Westport, CT

Stationary: Admire Design

Lighting: Correlation Productions


Get ready to be Dazzled…….and watch out for the baby! LOL, so cute:)