Lush in Blush at Pine Orchard Yacht Club

Joanna and Greg were so sweet to work with!  Another couple that used me for my Style Services as I worked closely with them on all the details such as bridesmaids dress color, linen choice and color, lace topper, colored lace detail on the seating cards, table numbers, etc etc   I remember walking into the Pine Orchard Yacht Club with the flowers and hearing a gasp from the staff…not only because these centerpieces but because it was an ‘Aha’ moment as they saw everything come together and make sense.  I will let the photos from the very talented Sean and Micheal from millimeter photo not only show you the details but the love and happiness that they captured from Joanna and Greg that day.   Joanna was prettied up even more than normal by the fabulous Maria Licari! PERFECTION!

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Vibrant Colors at The Inn at Longshore

Summer is my favorite season for a wedding at The Inn at Longshore….especially when you have a couple like Brooke and Tom! They totally embraced their summer wedding by using very vibrant florals for the decor and by choosing a steel drum band for the outdoor cocktail hour which allowed me to come up with a fun idea to use tiki torches as vases!   They weren’t afraid to use COLOR which matched their personality perfectly, so why wouldn’t we have explosions of color bursting on every guest table.   That ballroom came alive that day.

Take a look for yourself…. Amazing Photos by Misty Enight

 Candi’s Floral Creations is the Preferred Florist of The Inn at Longshore


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Maria’s New England Wedding

Maria’s wedding is typical Organic – Earthy – Crunchy- New England styled wedding! So much so, it was featured in a high end coffee table book, The Art of Celebration – New England!

Maria had a true vision of her theme and together with Ambiance {chic} Wedding Designs, we were able to create her dream wedding!  Maria gathered some of the containers and elements herself;  Grandma’s vase made it’s debut, hob nail vessels were found at antique shops all along the New England shore, galvanized pales, birch stumps, and of course her obsession…. birds, birds and birds…and feathers!! We had fun marrying it all together with our creative additions.

The paper accents, designed by Admire Designs, really made the event intimate and tied everything together like a big YELLOW bow!

Click on the photos to enlarge them…and Enjoy!

Photo collaboration by Danny Kash and Pearl Exposures


Dan and Giancarlo’s Special Day

This was a very special day for Dan and Giancarlo, you could see it in their families eyes….Love was definitely in the air!  I even got a little choked up as their families brought them down the aisle to a very emotional orchestrated Jack’s Love Song.  This was the most beautiful song I have ever heard and I couldn’t have imagined them walking to anything else.

Their venue was St. Clements Castle in Portland, CT, which is a very strong vision in the midst of breathtaking gardens every where you look.  They wanted their decor to compliment the castle, to be more of an accent so the castle and all it’s glory was the focal point.

Their style is very clean and masculine with a touch of whimsy!  They loved organic elements and let me do my thing.

I received the best compliment from them, I will never forget it.  They told me that if they had the talent to design they would have created everything just as it was.  They wouldn’t have changed a thing.


That is the whole reason why I do what I do, so I can take someone’s vision of their most special day and bring it to life for them.

Enough mushiness……have fun looking at Dan and Ginacarlo’s special day!  These fantastic photos were taken by Kiva Sutton of Annandale Photography.  Once again, he did not disappoint.  He even met me there an hour earlier than he needed to be to take time with my creations. He’s the best!

Please click on the pics for a better view……

Same sex wedding

Same sex wedding

Giancarlo's Boutonniere

Same sex wedding flowers

Dan's Boutonniere

Green and white wedding bouquets

"Groomsmaids" bouquets

green and white wedding

same sex ceremony

Ceremony Chair decor

green and white centerpieces

Each table was designed using different flowers

wedding cocktail arrangements

Cocktail Tables

green and white tall wedding centerpiece

Escort Card Table

Ceremony Programs