Dreamy Vineyard Wedding

“Dreamy” is what comes to mind when I look at Julianne…her dress, her hair piece, her bouquet…. Her and Andrew’s wedding was so soft and full of romance…you have to see for yourself….

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Venue: Saltwater Farm Vineyard (where we are PREFERRED)

Caterer: Gourmet Galley, Keri Bell is awesome!  They refer us quite often and we are PREFERRED at their venue, Guilford Yacht Club

Photographer: Maggie Conley  This was my first time working with her and she was lovely, so easy going and so talented.  She is the reason this blog post is even titled Dreamy!

Vibrant Colors at The Inn at Longshore

Summer is my favorite season for a wedding at The Inn at Longshore….especially when you have a couple like Brooke and Tom! They totally embraced their summer wedding by using very vibrant florals for the decor and by choosing a steel drum band for the outdoor cocktail hour which allowed me to come up with a fun idea to use tiki torches as vases!   They weren’t afraid to use COLOR which matched their personality perfectly, so why wouldn’t we have explosions of color bursting on every guest table.   That ballroom came alive that day.

Take a look for yourself…. Amazing Photos by Misty Enight

 Candi’s Floral Creations is the Preferred Florist of The Inn at Longshore


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Amy and Josh | Inn at Longshore

Wonderland in Westport is what I really want to say.  If you have ever dreamed of your fairytale wedding from the time you were a little girl…then this is what it would look like!  The cutest couple and with the most elegant wedding!

Peonies, Roses, Bling, More Peonies and More Bling!  I will let the photos speak for themselves…….

The DREAM TEAM, as I’d like to call us:

Wedding Design: Ambiance {Chic} Wedding Designs

Photography: Binary Flips

Venue: The Inn at Longshore: Westport, CT

Stationary: Admire Design

Lighting: Correlation Productions


Get ready to be Dazzled…….and watch out for the baby! LOL, so cute:)

Grandeur in Greenwich

Jennifer and Bill’s wedding was by far the prettiest wedding I’ve ever created! I’m in LOVE with it…and with the bride and groom!  Not only were they so sweet …they trusted me and my team unconditionally …I love that.  Jennifer was like most, a very busy bride, so we didn’t meet each other until the wedding day!  And to her surprise, I showed up with Pink hair to match her wedding. She told me “I rocked!”  Well, I thought she rocked her photos…as you’ll soon see…can you say Super Star? Seriously, she has some fierce looks!

Loved the flowers, if I do say so myself!

The Tall Centerpieces were more than HUGE…filled with Peonies, Roses, Phaleonopsis orchids, Hydrangeas!  The shorter Centerpieces were so unique….a Cluster of 3 Floral Pomanders made of Peonies and Roses….what more could you ask for??? Well, You could ask to have Robb Corr from Correlation Productions to light them with his magic…which he certainly did!

Ambiance {Chic} Wedding Designs were fabulous as always and introduced me to my new favorite photographer, Dennis of Binary Flips Photography.  All I can say is…amazing!

L’escale in Greenwich was so beautiful as it sits right on the water, perfect!

Hope you enjoy……