Winter Wonderland at the Lawn Club

I LOVE this time of year! Not just because it’s Christmastime but because of the wonderful winter weddings! And…have you ever seen the  New Haven Lawn Club decorated for Christmas?  It is done so superbly! Yes I said superbly! It’s so classic and sparkly that you don’t need many decorations to fill up the space. I mean, you certainly need to let your guests know that there’s a wedding happening, YOUR wedding.  But with decorated Christmas trees from floor to ceiling, you’re not needing to have tall, huge over flowing centerpieces.  Simple and classic is best. And that’s just what Ashley and Chris did! Of course they added their own twists so that their personality shown through…like, an all red rose bouquet! or a 8 foot tall Christmas tree with ornaments that doubled as the escort cards!

I can’t wait for you to see what I’m talking about…..and you will…soon, but first I have to reflect…as this Ashley and Chris’s first year wedding anniversary will be in just a few days on the 19th! And boy did so much happen since then…

They have boy and girl twins! yes, twins! And the awesome photographer, Alicia Ann,  snapped these awesome pics below, had her own little bundle of Joy, a baby boy! Dreams coming true before my eyes!

It’s so wonderful to see my clients and vendor friends grow their families! I wish them and you all the best this holiday season and hoping all of your dreams come true, too!

Now take a look at a Classic Winter Wonderland Wedding….and her dress! She found it at The White Dress by the Shore and they worked together to add the lace in such an elegant way.

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Margy and Mike at New Haven Lawn Club

This is one of my favorite weddings, so simple but so elegant!  Just like Margy!  Most of the planning and creating was done via email, skype and phone, since M and M were in Iraq for most of the months leading up to the wedding.

Rob at Correlation Productions‘ lighting was so amazing that the Ballroom at New Haven Lawn Club transformed every time he changed the colors.

Enjoy and remember to click on photos for a larger view…..

New Haven Lawn Club Tasting

As the preferred florist for New Haven Lawn Club, I was honored to be invited by Christine and John to take part in their tasting day for 14 of their more recent couples.  It was a great day spent with all the couples, their families,  and other great featured vendors.

Every table was designed according to each couple’s style and color theme.  It was a challenge to design 14 different table centerpieces that were all so different.  The lighting really made the centerpieces come alive!

This is just a teaser!  I really want to wait for the professional pics that were taken by the amazing Aurora Photography!  Thank you Aurora, Cate, and Morgen!  What a bunch of down to earth, great gals!


Aurora posted some teaser shots for me that you can view on her facebook gallery.

Remember to click on pics below for a larger view.

Jewel tones with mercury glass accents

Purple orchids

Purple Phaleonopsis Orchids with Black accents

Winter Centerpiece in Tall silver candelabra

Black and white wedding with RED accents!

Yup, I used lemons and grass!!!!

Vintage Candelabra

Elegant fall wedding centerpiece

Orange and Hot pink


Green and white connecting centerpiece with black feather accents

Preferred Wedding Florist, yet again!

Well, 2010 is starting out very exciting!

As most of the people who know me will say that I don’t only define myself as a Wedding Designer but also as an Entreprenuer.  I think you have to really own that title when you are running your own business.  I am very good at marketing my business and love it when I can see all of my hard work of “getting my name out” , come full circle.

This is also the first year that I am designing much more then just weddings.  The “Special Events” are rolling in!  Bar Mitzvahs, Bridal Showers, High End Funerals, Rehearsal Dinners, etc etc

I am very excited to have such a diversified list of events this year!

So, without further ado, I introduce you to the Preferred Wedding Florist for:

The New Haven Lawn Club, New Haven (just signed up with them this week!)

The Omni Hotel at Yale, New Haven (new this year!)

The Water’s Edge Resort and Spa, Westbrook (6 months and going…)

The Woodwinds, Branford (seems like I’ve been designing wedding there forever….4 years!)

The next one in my sights…..Cascade in Hamden….I’ll let you know when that is final.  They are really impressed with my creations!