Winter Wonderland at the Lawn Club

I LOVE this time of year! Not just because it’s Christmastime but because of the wonderful winter weddings! And…have you ever seen the  New Haven Lawn Club decorated for Christmas?  It is done so superbly! Yes I said superbly! It’s so classic and sparkly that you don’t need many decorations to fill up the space. I mean, you certainly need to let your guests know that there’s a wedding happening, YOUR wedding.  But with decorated Christmas trees from floor to ceiling, you’re not needing to have tall, huge over flowing centerpieces.  Simple and classic is best. And that’s just what Ashley and Chris did! Of course they added their own twists so that their personality shown through…like, an all red rose bouquet! or a 8 foot tall Christmas tree with ornaments that doubled as the escort cards!

I can’t wait for you to see what I’m talking about…..and you will…soon, but first I have to reflect…as this Ashley and Chris’s first year wedding anniversary will be in just a few days on the 19th! And boy did so much happen since then…

They have boy and girl twins! yes, twins! And the awesome photographer, Alicia Ann,  snapped these awesome pics below, had her own little bundle of Joy, a baby boy! Dreams coming true before my eyes!

It’s so wonderful to see my clients and vendor friends grow their families! I wish them and you all the best this holiday season and hoping all of your dreams come true, too!

Now take a look at a Classic Winter Wonderland Wedding….and her dress! She found it at The White Dress by the Shore and they worked together to add the lace in such an elegant way.

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Old Hollywood Glitz at The New Haven Lawn Club

10 years ago when I first walked into the New Haven Lawn Club I’ve always wanted to design creations that you would have seen in the 1930’s when this building was built.  Something that would compliment the art deco design, the crystal chandeliers, the mirrored mantle…..creations that would transform you back to the 30’s!  Well, after a long wait, I finally met my kindred spirit, “Lady T ” as we shall call her, and she was able to make my dream come true…and she didn’t even know it!

When we first met she was explaining to me…a florist…that she did NOT want any flowers of any kind…nothing that even resembled a flower.  She was amazed that I didn’t run away and that I stood there in anticipation in hopes that she was my 1930’s gal and that I wasn’t dreaming.  Needless to say, I was thrilled with all of her ideas and couldn’t wait to enhance them with my visions.  This was truly a marriage made in heaven….just so you know I am talking about Lady T and myself! LOL

I had sympathized with her because she had spoken to other florists and they didn’t “get” it…even her own groom was having trouble envisioning…but when the big day arrived, they ALL got it!!!  Here are a few words from Lady T after her wedding:

OMG–I swear–our minds are somehow connected and you knew I was just thinking, “I really have to contact Candi to tell her how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING she is and what an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, INSANE job she did with my wedding!!!!!!!!!” Holy crap, Candi–it was GORGEOUS!!!!! I cried when I saw the ballroom for the first time–my husband thought I was a nut-job but being that he had NO idea what decor you and I were planning, he could NOT believe how incredible the Lawn Club looked. He said he had never seen it look so amazing and he was SOOO impressed and pleased with our “Old Hollywood” ideas. We both couldn’t have been happier and seriously–even a month later–I still get people (people who weren’t even at the freakin wedding!) coming up to me, complimenting on how creative, ingenious and amazing everything was. For most people–it was the first wedding they had ever been to with “no flowers” and THEY LOVED IT! I totally miss seeing how wonderful the Lawn Club was that night  and NONE of this would’ve been possible without you, Candi. 

And……this is the review she left on Wedding Wire:

I honestly cannot even begin to explain the AMAZING experience I had with Candi’s Floral Creations. The minute I met Candi, I knew we would have this incredible connection and I felt immediately comfortable with how insanely beautiful she was going to make my wedding look and feel. Candi is so unbelievably talented and seriously, no idea (even as crazy as it may seem), is “too outside the box” for Candi! She knew EXACTLY what I was looking for and her ideas were exceptional. If you are looking for someone who is an extremely dedicated worker, who will do just about anything to make your wedding “your dream day,” then Candi is the girl for you. She worked sooooo hard to achieve “my vision” and no matter how crazy I sounded, she would reassure me that we were always on the same page and she knew exactly what I was looking for. I will always remember my wedding day—the moment when I saw my gorgeous bouquet for the first time and my unique bridesmaids’ clutches–I got so excited!!! When my husband and I walked into the ballroom to see “Candi’s Creation….” I immediately started to cry because it was even more beautiful than I could ever even imagine.  My husband thought that I was nuts but he too was just floored by what she did and was in awe at what he saw. My vision came true and it was all because of Candi. I honestly do not know how she does it–she is truly an artist and one of the most talented people I have ever met. The decor and everything else Candi was responsible for was seriously my favorite thing about my wedding. Our guests were insanely impressed and to this day (even 2 months later) STILL talk about how incredible the decor was. I am very blessed to have met her when I did and for making the decision to hire her. It was the best thing I did for my wedding. 

Enough of the mushiness…let’s get down to business and see the AMAZING images taken by the talented Misty of Misty Enright Photography!  I have worked with her numerous times and she is the best out there!!!

The Place Card Table



The Foyer


The Flower Girl’s Clutch035

Lady T’s Brooch, Feather, and Lace Bouquet102







A thousand Thank You’s for entrusting me to realize your vision.

 I had an amazing time planning with you and will totally miss the 3 page emails you sent me!