Featured in The Knot Spring/Summer 2017 Magazine

Yay! So excited to share with you these amazing photos by Abbey Domond Photograhy of Danica and Dueren’s summer wedding in New Haven!

And…..this wedding is also featured in the pages of The Knot Spring/Summer 2017 magazine! WooHoo!

Not to mention the sweet image of them below landed on the blog of The Huffington Post!

Here are the amazing team of vendors(and their direct link to IG pages) that made it all happen for these two: Instgram

Cinematography: @yameanstudios

Wedding Coordinator: @viceventsnyc

DJ: @iknowmikemusic

Stationery: @ijorere

Custom Decor: @ten23designs

Cake: @wildflourconfections

Makeup: @arelquintese

Hair: @isewtracx

Ceremony Venue: Edgerton Park

Reception Venue: The Country House

First, Let’s Celebrate!! (As you’ll see Danica and Dueren did that well)


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Chamard Vineyard Photo Shoot

I LOVE  photo shoots! First of all they are so much fun!  There is no pressure of designing for someone’s most important day and I can be as creative as I want to be.  I can design trendy styles or styles that I’ve always wanted to design but haven’t got the chance to.  It also gives me a chance to collaborate with so many different vendors  : vendors I love to work with or vendors that I haven’t worked with before.  This shoot at Chamard Vineyard in Clinton, CT was great because I have never been to this venue before and I was able to work 2 wonderful people, Christine from Piece of Cake Events and Kiva from Annandale Photography.

If you’re thinking of having an event at Chamard Vineyards and want Candi’s Floral Creations to be your florist, then you may have to fight for us!  They have an on sight coordinator that is wonderful, but only uses her “click” of vendors, however, you can bring in any vendor you choose.

I had floral balls and feathers on the brain!  We designed 2 tables, each having their own wedding style.

The Elegant Red, Black and White Table…..


…and the Natural Purple and Green Table….

..and the Vineyard….

Fire and Ice Party

I’m not the kind of person to throw a party for myself, but, I did! ….and boy was it a great time!

My friend Erica, the owner of Ambiance {chic} Wedding Designs(it was really her idea!), and I thought it would be fun to celebrate the fact that one of our weddings we designed together was featured in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine.  We had also just revamped our websites and wanted to show them off!

In the wedding industry you work with so many vendors every weekend, but it’s always just business.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with the same photographer, but we’ve never spoken to each other about anything other than the wedding we had been working on together.  So we thought it would be a great idea to invite all the people we love to work with within the wedding industry as well as family and friends.

We had a wonderful turnout!  Even though the loft was filled with photographers, coordinators, videographers, florists, bakers, etc  There wasn’t much wedding talk.  It was such a great night to just get to know these people I’ve known for years…if you get my drift. Networking usually is so boring, but we made it fun!

Erica took care of the designing the email invite, linens, lighting, the music, etc While, I had a blast designing the centerpieces.  Remember the winter party was called “Fire and Ice”.  So the “fire”part of our vision was to use a lot of candles, but we wanted to be creative about it.  Some candles were floating in water with ice chips at the bottom of the candle holder, while I rolled other glass candle holders in actual sugar so they would have a frosted look. We even embellished plain glass hanging candle holders by adorning them with chandelier crystals and hung them from silver wire.

I love the look of various size and shaped glass vases and candle holders….but then love to mix up floating candles, floating flowers, and single flowers in the vases.  I like doing this because it keeps people looking all night!

For the “Ice” feel, we used accents of fake snow( which I learned is very versatile!), chandelier crystals, crystal garlands, iced birch branches, and my favorite accent…a rhinestone in the center of a rose.  We only used white hydrangea and roses so that all the other accents could really shine through!

We use two different height centerpieces, again, it keeps the eye moving around the room and I couldn’t decide on which centerpiece to design…so I used them both!  That was the fun part about designing for my own party…I could REALLY do whatever I wanted!

I won’t bore you with anymore details……let the pictures finish the story….Enjoy!

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter Wedding Wonderland

Wedding Winter centerpiece

Sugared Winter Candles

Winter Wedding

Orchid Chandelier

I simply love orchids!  There are so many creative things you can do with them, hence, the orchid chandelier.  I can make them at almost any height in a stand to sit on your guest tables or can make them to hang from a tent or a chuppah.

The dendrobium orchid leis come in all shade or purples, in white and green.  We can also accent the ends of the leis with real glass chandelier crystals!  When the light hits them and shines through them…… fabulous!

Whether your event is tropical, on the water, or elegant, orchid chandeliers add that wow factor!

Check out this orchid chandelier I made for Sherry and Chris to hang from their chuppah at the Waters Edge Resort and Spa in Westbrook, Ct.

Fresh Dendrobium Orchid Chandelier

Fresh Orchid Chandelier

Orchid Chandelier for Wedding Centerpiece

Orchid Chandelier for Wedding Centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Wedding Theme

Well, the enchanted forest wedding theme is getting pretty popular, and I have to say, I love it!  I must have been a fairy (probably a floral fairy) in a past life because I am so drawn to this theme and keep thinking of new things to add to it all the time!  Since I have many brides contacting me with this theme, I wanted to come up with a really unique enchanted forest tree that does not look like the ever so played out manzanita trees (although, I still love using them).  My tree is the best, if I do say so myself!  For cost-cutting purposes, I rent these trees out.  They are still a bit pricey, but they are well worth it!  I add things to it all the time. The tree looks great with moss balls, candles, flower heads added to the table around the base of the tree. Along with nestling moss and fresh flowers into the trunk, I hang fantasy flowers and colorful votives from the branches.  You can add butterflies and dragonflies – fantasy or real-looking.  It’s a forest, anything goes!!

Since most brides can not afford to put trees on every table, I have designed 2 shorter enchanted forest themed centerpieces for the other tables.  I think it looks better to have a handful of these impressive  trees scattered throughout the room mixing them with lower styles in the same theme.  Gives you the feel you are in a forest, enchanted, of course!

Enchanted Forest Tree Centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Tree Centerpiece

Enchanted forest floral wedding centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Floral Centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Floating Flower Centerpiece

Enchanted Forest Floating Flower Table Centerpiece / Cocktail Hour Decor

As you can see there are many designs I can come up with to make your enchanted forest theme wedding be very unique!   The last picture can be a very simple guest table centerpiece or we ca use a smaller bowl and have them on your bistro tables for cocktail hour to really carry your theme throughout your entire event.